Spontaneously Reckless Book Series

This is where it all began, an empty book, and an empty page free to scribble on.

Every chapter starts with a blank page. Mine started in January 2019
When complete it looked like nothing more than a very long document
Main genre = Erotic Romance
If you like a cheeky read this book is perfect for you
I 100% agree I made the right decision in turning down the first cover proposal – always trust your instincts.
And then there is Jack, the one that got away who always leaves you wanting more

Picking up the courage to send off to publishers and then receiving an overwhelming response. I couldn’t have imagined a better one
Need to know more?
December 2019 = Spontaneously Reckless went on sale on Amazon

Freya tends to buckle at the knees for personal trainer Chris
Meet tempting Mr. Matt Jones who draws you in within the first chapter
Then we meet young Bradley. I’m sure any hot blooded female wouldn’t mind a charming toy boy as a booty call

Who will Freya choose?

Find out in Spontaneously Torn!

Does Freya get her happy ending?
Who does she choose?
Does the drama in her life continue?
Find out in this steamy romance.

Spontaneously Torn reveals all


Spontaneously Reckless is now with publishing house Pegasus. It will be redesigned and published under the Chimera imprint within the erotic category. It has now been removed from Amazon, ready for its big release in the new year. I’m super excited to see it and fall back in love with the reckless story.

First edit signed, sealed and delivered.

One step closer to making my dream a possibility after four weeks of final editing, late nights, sore eyes and headaches. But, Spontaneously Reckless is finally back in its envelope and off to Pegasus for its final proof before it’s released early 2021! I can’t wait to see it finished with my name on the front. Following my babies and my husband, this is an achievement I never thought I would have.

Does Freya get the happy ending you wanted?

Coming soon!

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