Spontaneously Reckless

Book 1 of Sequel

By day brunette Freya Bell is an excelling undergraduate, and by night she is a ditzy barmaid who is always up for a giggle with her three best friends.

Despite the mind-blowing sex, she has an insatiable appetite, and so when personal trainer, Chris, appears in her life. she can’t contain her carnal urges. Nor can she turn down ex boyfriend and army man, Jack.

Instead of focusing on her studies, she fantasises about Mr Matt Jones, her dreamy lecturer – to the point where her aching loins give her the urge to make a booty call with bar regular, Bradley. Of course, like any hot-blooded male, he is always happy to oblige.

Living free and addicted to reckless sex, things take a complicated turn, and her life escalates out of control. Her worried friends try to convince her to sort out her complicated sex life, but she struggles to choose between these four gorgeous men.

Who will she choose?

Pre-order now. Out 29th July 2021.


Published in Pegasus Paperback on 29th July 2021, priced £8.99

“Even happily married women can live in the life of a free-spirited spinster if they have the imagination to do so.” Emma Ollin

What is it they say? A relationship is a marathon, not a sprint, in which you are expected to keep running in the same shoes even if they start hurting like hell. Well, this metaphor truly hits home in more ways than one in mid-twenty, flirtatious student Freya Bell’s story. Her choice to enjoy life in the fast lane, single, partying, and enjoying drunken flings is a path nothing or no one, even her best friends who hoped their more settled, ducks in a row kind of lifestyles could change. And when she has four tempting guys at her calling, why would she?

“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with.”
Carrie Bradshaw

But, everything changes when her past comes back to provoke the hidden, broken-hearted younger self she has been hiding for ten years. Unexpectedly her summer flings slow down, and feelings start to rise. Her running also takes a change in pace as she trains for the marathon, although the rate her body trembles at the aroma of musky men is yet to slow. Her confidence alters, her thoughts are wary, and her emotions play hell on her. Is it in her to settle down, or will her insatiable appetite win her over? Can she complete the marathon, or will the fast-paced life she has always lived beat her too? What’s more, is it guy one, two, three or four that she wants?

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