Mr. Matt Jones

Want to know more about Mr Jones? Now you can.

Mr. Matt Jones’ story will come soon!


Confessions is complete!

Find out what he gets up to while Freya isn’t around, his secrets and more.

•My chest pounds up and down before her as my breathing rises, the sight of her sending me crazy as she looks too similar to Freya for my liking. She should be sat here in my shirt, not her• I don’t know what I can do or say to get out of this situation as she nears me. I watch her long fingers move to my ear, she brushes my hair aside and slides her fingers down my face to my lips. I sigh at her touch as she teases me, knowing I’ll struggle to turn down her tempting ways• She edges closer to me, knowing if I turn my head I will meet her lips. I gulp hard and close my eyes before looking directly at her, my kiss immediately upon her addictive lips•

Mr. Jones soon finds himself out of control

Mr. Matt Jones’ story has become my biggest project. Finally completed, consisting of 85,000 words and 54 chapters. I have loved writing about him and his complicated, reckless life. As well as being in a broken marriage with a manipulative wife, his secret from Freya Bell becomes to much to bear. He soon finds himself taking the path to alcohol addiction, risking his life, career and relationships. Can he save himself, or will his lies destroy him. Find out soon!

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