The soft cotton sheet wraps around her legs, entwining in such a way it’s becoming uncomfortable. With every small movement, the tighter it wraps around her body, frustrating her even more. She exhales profoundly and gives up, opening her eyes staring up at the ceiling of the lakeside chalet she was in ten years ago.Continue reading “Drifting”

“Never ever ever, am I going skiing again,” said the one who hates the cold.

“Are you sure we were on the same holiday? I don’t recall any warm sun. It was bloody freezing,” Mel says, as she blows her runny nose. “I’ve been nothing but ill since we got home.” “Come on, Mel, it wasn’t that bad,” Emma says, rolling her eyes towards Zoe with a grin.  “It was allContinue reading ““Never ever ever, am I going skiing again,” said the one who hates the cold.”

Beauty comes from within.

So… Your best friend has started to dress in skimpy clothes and use slang, all in order to regain her lost youth. How can you tell her she is gaining attention without offending her? “Why, Maureen, don’t you look… trendy,” I say, shocked at the skimpy outfit my best friend seems to have deemed appropriateContinue reading “Beauty comes from within.”


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Hi, I’m Emma. Currently a self-published author, with the dreams to one day be a full time author. Writing is a hobby I picked up while being a stay at home mum in 2019. I spend most of my time with my kids and husband and enjoy reading, music, movies and exercise. This blog is for my love of writing and erotic romance, here is where I will enjoy sharing it with you!

Lately I have been posting my short stories, creative writing and dialogue work. I would love to hear your own versions.

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