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E. Ollin

As a young child I grew up all over Leicestershire. Having never settled into school until the secondary years my academic life never opened up a career path that I truly wished to follow. I then met my childhood sweetheart at the age of 14 where my life soon revolved around him, until his career choice took him to join the army. I then spent my time wishing the school years away and socialising with my friends as any normal teenager would.

At the young age of 18 my first son was born, bringing my boyfriend home from the army. We’re now happily married and have three sons and one daughter. We enjoy a very busy life of juggling work, school, hobbies and parenting.

Between each child I have tried several careers from childcare, travel sales, bar work – none of which felt like the perfect career. I finally chose to step back and enjoy time at home as a mum. This allowed me the time to finally write down the short stories which had filled my mind for the past few years.

I started writing in January 2019 when my imagination brought me Freya Bell, who some would say is my alter ego. She is the main character of Spontaneously Reckless, an erotic romance. When writing my first novel, I fell in love with the character Mr. Matt Jones, bringing me the next two books within the series. The story from his perspective and much more. Now being 2020 and I am still writing, it is now my dream to one day be a full time author, which feels too big to achieve but are my goals regardless.

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