Never Have I Ever Been Tempted

Erotic short stories to fulfil those dirty thoughts.

By The Filthy Football Coach.

My hands are freezing and they hurt; the burn is painful as the next blow of wind touches them, that’s with them in gloves and down as far as they can go in my coat pocket, yet still ice cold.

It’s my usual Sunday, wrapped to the brim while freezing to death as I watch my son play football. I stand with the row of Dad’s while they make small talk discussing their motorbikes, cars, and Saturday nights out, nothing which sparks an interest to me.

My distraction is across the other side of the pitch, which a barrier of eleven football players and the respect line stands between; Aiden is the well-built, sexy football coach. He is dripping wet from the rain and covered in mud, and the scruffiness just adds to his drop-dead gorgeous image. Under his baggy coat and tight sports trousers, I can only imagine a ripped torso and muscular chest.

“Lads come on!” he shouts, and my god, just hearing his deep husky voice, makes me quiver.

“Mum, can I go round Sam’s?” my son comes running over to me as the whistle blows. After standing here watching their 3-0 victory and looking forward to a Sunday carvery in the pub down the street, I am now the second choice. If I knew, I would have stayed at home in the warm instead of risking my health.

“Fine, you need a shower, though.” I sigh towards him as mud covers his bright yellow kit and teenage body.

“I will shower here. Thanks, Mum.” He gives me no choice as he runs off.

“I’ll see you later then.” I say in annoyance.

“Wait here till I have finished, then you can take my stuff.”

“I’ll be in the cafeteria,” I frown at him, now aggravated at wasting my entire Sunday morning.

“Tea, please,” I smile as I pay the lady and grab the polystyrene cup, eager to get my hands around something warm. The minute they wrap around it, they burn, and I feel relief flow through my body, yet still, my feet are frozen.

I sit down, strip my scarf, and coat off, and slump into the chair, eyeing up the TV on the wall as the crowds start to disappear. It seems I am the only Mum who comes now, and after today I will become one of the others who just drop off and pick up. The only reason I hung around this long is because of the chance of chatting to Coach Aiden Matthews, which, if anything, is rare and short.

Sexy Coach Matthews, running up and down the pitch, looking gorgeous in slow motion as my mind adjusts how sensual he looks at me, licking his lips before nibbling them is where my mind takes me.

“See you later, Mum,” my son says, intruding my thoughts, throwing his bag down before leaving.

“Where are your boots?” I ask.

“Oh! In the changing room, can you get them? Sam’s Mum is waiting!” he shouts back as he leaves. I raise my eyebrow and scowl at him after no thanks for waiting for him.

“Thanks, Lewis,” I mutter quietly to myself as I finish my tea, which has not warmed me up in the slightest as I hoped.

I put my coat back on, grab my stuff, and make my way to the changing rooms walking into the concrete built blocks, searching for his boots before I can finally leave. The aroma of sweat, grass, mud, and body spray creases my nose as I make my way into the locker filled room. The mess in here is tempting to sort, but the stench is too strong to ignore, plus the coldness of the space has me shivering all other again. I open each locker and eventually find his red boots staring back at me; here’s me thinking he would have at least left them out, making this much a shorter process. As I go to leave, I am stopped in my tracks by the echoing of a voice, I hear his husky voice singing within the shower, and it startles me.

“Holy crap!” I move back as I rush to leave but bang into the lockers, causing them to slam.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!”

“Who’s there?” he shouts. I gather my things up as quickly as possible, stuffing his boots into his bag; why is it now they won’t fit!

“Hi!” he says behind me as I tense my shoulders, trying to hide my humiliation of being in the boys changing room. I want to avoid this confrontation and leg it and never look him in the eye again, but knowing he is standing there is ever so tempting.

“Turn around, Miss,” he orders; I inhale heavily as my feet start to rotate, bringing my gaze onto him, and I find myself breathless. He stands before me in nothing but a towel and considering the climate, and I am no longer cold. He is sexier than I imagined with his chiselled chest and little chest hairs, his facial hair spikey, and his hair dripping, which I would love to run my fingers through and tug at right now.

“Sorry. Lewis forgot his boots, I didn’t think anyone was here,” my words mumble through my chattering teeth.

“I know he did, I told him too,” he reveals as he walks towards me, backing me onto the lockers. His behaviour intimidates me, yet I can’t take my gaze off his glossy sapphire eyes.

“You did?” I stutter.

“I did,” he sensually smirks, raising his arms either side of me, trapping me in.

“Don’t tell me I read this all wrong?” his words whisper in my ear, his warm breath reaching my neck and exciting my pussy instantly as I shy away, nodding my head no.

“Tell me that I didn’t,” he says again as he has me silenced.

“Tell me what you want,” he toys as his lips ever so softly peck my neck.

“I want you,” I finally admit. Aiden inhales deeply before pushing his body up against me, and his towel drops to the floor, landing on my shoes, making me pull my lip in between my teeth.

“I want you to warm me up,” I tell him as I let go of my belongings, them landing with a bang as my handbag contents spill out.

“Oh, I will, when I have done with you, you won’t be cold again,” he promises as his hand raises to my chin. He grips my jaw bone gently and turns my face towards him before planting a hard kiss onto my quivering lips, and my arms grip tightly onto his broad shoulders as I aggressively respond.


He roughly caresses my body, eager to get his hands under my clothes as he rips my coat from me. His lips don’t leave mine as he swirls his delicious tasting tongue around mine and nibbles my lips. He is moreish, and every inch of him has me wanting to discover all of him, despite already being completely naked. As my kisses stray to his neck and nibble his ear lobe, he grabs my arms and holds them both against the metal doors above my head while wrapping my legs around his waist. His thick erection is teasing my soaking pussy, with just a layer of clothes standing between them. He takes my arms around his neck, where I hold on tightly as he moves away from the locker, my body weight resting in his arms as he walks to the shower, where he pushes the button, drenching me thoroughly. It feels like heaven as the hot water pours down my freezing body, and my now soaking white shirt sticks to my skin, revealing my pink bra and curves.

“Take your jeans off,” he orders, as he tugs at my buckle. I have never removed my clothes as quickly before, and within seconds my legs are back wrapped around him, and he’s sliding my thong aside. He has me against the wall as the hot water cascades down his seductive body, my pussy aching and hungry for him as my clit throbs. He wastes no time with foreplay and thrusts his solid cock into me, fulfilling every daydream I have ever had about him over these past three years.

“Fuck me!” I cry out.

“Oh, I will. How do you want it?”

“Hard and deep, fuck me hard,” I plead as I nibble his neck.

His strong arms hold my thighs as I lean against the tiles, my core holding me up as his arms take my weight as he thrusts hard into me, sending trembles throughout my body as I groan to his delight. He fucks me hard, touching every crease of my moist pussy with his profound length. My hands are gripping tightly onto him, stroking his glistening skin as my nails dig into his flesh with his every harsh thrust. He fucks me over and over, the rising of his breathing rhythmic and compelling as his orgasm builds.

“Turn around,” he growls as he lowers my body from his. I swiftly turn around and place my hands onto the cold wall in front of me, he pushes the button pouring more water onto me, and it warms me further, though right now I had forgotten I was cold in the first place. He lowers my undies, and I watch them fall to my feet. His hand drops to my knees before gliding up my inner thigh as he pushes my legs apart and thrusts into me as deep as he can. My breathing rises as I feel my moment of euphoria climbing, my body tingling as he slides his hand teasingly down the crease of my spine before spanking my bare soaked ass.

“Fuck.” I scream out, his rough hands pleasuring me in a wicked way as his cock dives in and out hard and deep just as I requested. My groans increase as my stomach flutters, and the warmth in my pussy ignites. I feel his hands grip my hips as he works hard, and his fingers embed into my skin as he moans loudly for me. His thrusts are slow yet become more in-depth as we connect perfectly. His solid prick glides against my bulging g spot, tickling me, and with full force, my orgasm penetrates through me, leaving my crying out for him as my palms push firmly against the wall, and my ass sits in his crotch as he comes to a stop. His hand caresses up my back before holding onto my shoulder, guiding me up to lean against him. He kisses my back and nibbles my ear and breathes heavily, making me go weak at the knees.

“Are you warm enough?” he taunts.

“Not quite,” I tease.

“Well, there is always next Sunday, you filthy minx,” he toys.

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