The Perfect First Kiss

Do you remember your first ever kiss? Every first kiss in every relationship you may have had? Was it worth remembering? Did it give you the trembles you so badly wanted to experience? Or was it a complete turn off, with never wanting to return again? Evidently, a first kiss can go either way.

The passionate moments when your lips touch another and the unknowing of how it will go is a daunting thing. Come to think of it, the first kiss is a big deal, and why shouldn’t it be?

Your first kiss needs to impress, yet still leave something left undiscovered, to draw them in and make them come back for more. I still remember my first kiss, the location, the aroma around me, the taste, the touch, and how it made me feel and obviously the boy. It was perfect, and to this day, I love kissing. I enjoy the pleasure, fun, and intimacy. However, kissing can be brief, with a quick kiss and a slip of the tongue. If you do it right, you will take one breath and be leaning straight back in for the next one, leading to a string of sexy kisses, relishing every moment.

Kissing is a sensory experience, you will taste, smell, touch, and it is essential for pleasure; it goes without saying sexy times often start with a kiss and why? Your lips are incredibly stimulating; they are a vast network of infinite nerve endings. The instant they experience a sensation, they send signals straight to the brain, telling our sexy time chemicals to act fast, sending blood straight to our arousing regions. Ever struggle to get going? Try a little more kissing.

How can you make your kiss perfect? Preparation may be essential.

So what is your perfect kiss? Gentle and sexy or rough and enthusiastic, or perhaps a little bit of both. There are endless possibilities; everyone has their preferences, some hate the tongue, and some go in too soon, you’re lips touch one minute and the next, your bashing your teeth against each other, god I hate that. Do you stand there wishing they would caress you, take you roughly in their arms and pull you in, yank your hair and nibble your lips?  Hell yes! Body language brings excitement; don’t stand there like a zombie. Enjoy the moment.

Read the mood – Where are you? Somewhere quiet? Enjoying a walk or in a busy night club? You can be soft and delicate, or vigorous and passionate; trust your instincts. Make sure you wait and savour the moment, give them a hint as to what is to follow, without spelling it out, don’t go too fast.

Body language – Use your alluring eyes, be flirty and physical. Are they showing signs they are interested, slipping a gentle touch, using sexy language, yes? Then go for it.

Don’t go straight in with the tongue, but use it a little, be relaxed, gentle, and controlled; nothing is worse than a rough tongue intruding your perfect moment and making you gag, a definite turn off.

Make sure you kiss as if it’s not always going to lead to sex – You can enjoy a long make out session without being physical. It’s passionate and good for you. Kissing lowers blood pressure, boosts endorphins, relieves stress, aches, and burns calories. Be intimate and intense; don’t just stick to the lips. There are plenty of hot spots, but don’t stray too far unless your partner is happy for you to go wondering. Giving a kiss, lick, and nibble to the neck, ear, and shoulder blade are sure to make your kiss rememberable, and if you receive the green light, go for the hip bone, the belly button, and the bikini line.

Why does the first kiss matter?

The first kiss is the biggy, the one that can start a string of next perfect kisses or be the opposite and end the budding romance. Why is it a big deal? Not only does it break the tension you have between you both, an act which gives you wonder and fantasy, a moment you have imagined from the beginning, it is also the start of your relationship; the kiss seals the bond together.

A kiss is full of emotions, your heart races; your stomach flips, your palms start to sweat, confusion intrudes your mind as you worry about how the other feels, you become dizzy and aroused, so much happens to your body it’s beyond just being a simple kiss. It predicts the chemistry and sexual excitement between two people, and if both feel the same, the first kiss will always be perfect. If one lacks these emotions, then the kiss may be doomed and fizzle from the get-go. The possibilities are endless of what can be done right and wrong, and there is no way you can tell what’s going to happen until you dive in; it will forever be a mystery if you don’t. Don’t miss your opportunity, cup their face, lean in, and give them the perfect kiss, be gentle, then be intense, mix it up, and make it rememberable.

So what’s the plan?

*Build that sexual tension
*Avoid distraction
*Read their body language
*Be in the perfect location
*Be hygienic; a mint and sip pf water will make your lips moreish
*Give them signals
*Take it slow
*Don’t be all tongue
*Use your hands but don’t push your luck
*Don’t stop at the lips
*Know when to back off
*Most importantly, enjoy it

Tell me about your first kiss 💋

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