Never Have I Ever Been Tempted

Erotic short stories to fulfil those dirty thoughts.

By The Bad Boy Head Teacher.

“I can’t believe I’m here again!” My irritated tone shouts down the phone towards my rebellious son.

“I’m sorry, Mum, it wasn’t my fault.” He tries to tell me. Of course, it is his fault, whatever it is, it’s always his fault.

“We will discuss this later, I have to go,” I hang up the phone ending my conversation as the headmaster’s door swings open. Within the door frame, the tempting middle-aged man stands fiddling with his tie, looking on at me as I try not to blush. This is the third meeting I have had with him within this past week, and there is no doubt in my mind, my son will be up for expulsion today.

The after school meeting I don’t mind, and why wouldn’t I? Headmaster Mr. Dean is incredibly seductive on the eyes, and ever so alluring. His dark blue suit has always hidden whatever lies beneath, only making me want to discover more. His compelling face is enough to make me go weak at the knees, with his neatly groomed beard, secretive deep brown eyes, and dark brown locks causing my stomach to flip every time we meet, not to mention his husky intimidating voice. Miss is what he calls me, ignoring the obvious fact I am a divorced single mother to a defiant teenager. I want to assume he sees me as a free single woman; if he asked, I would be out of my mind to turn him down. That’s the fantasy that plays within my mind every time I am here; I sit and wait for the question which will never arrive.

When I received the phone call requesting my presence, I immediately went home, redressed into a summer dress, shaved my legs, and curled my hair. I won’t allow him to see me in my usual gym clothes with a slick bun resting on the top of my head; he has never to this day seen me in my most natural state.

“Miss Brown, I’m ready for you now,” his words tease me, taking me from my sordid thoughts.

“Right away,” I smile, tucking my hair behind my ears and stand following him into his office, where he shuts the door behind me. Upon entering, the lingering smell of his aftershave consumes me, knocking me right into the chair across from his. He heavily inhales as he sits down, ruffling his paper before him; I’m not too fond of the fact there is a massive deck between us, though it hides my shaky knees. His silence brings me concern as his sensual eyes burn into me. God, what has he done this time?

“I’m sorry for whatever he has done this time. It won’t happen again.” I put forward my sincerest apologies. His smirk alters into a grin, a laugh near enough escaping his perfectly thin lips.

“We caught your son having sexual relations on campus,” he pauses as horror cascades through me. My hands immediately cover my humiliated face as I hear about yet another one of my son’s irreversible stunts.

“With my daughter,” he finishes.

“Holy fuck,” I say out loud without realising, having not expected this to get any worse. I sink lower into my chair, wishing for a quick exit.

“I don’t know what to say. His behaviour is unexplainable; he doesn’t get it from me. His rebelling has got much worse since his father left. I guess he is punishing me for it.” I try.

“It’s not the first time I have caught them, at my house, yes, but on campus, that crosses the line quite a bit.” He surprises me.

“I didn’t know he was in a relationship with your daughter in honesty; it goes to show how much he keeps for me, or how much I am failing as a mother,” I admit.

“I didn’t even know you had a daughter, you don’t look old enough,” the words slip out; I feel my cheeks flush as I flirt unintentionally, knowing my words won’t retract my son’s behaviour this time. My fingers move to my curls, playing with them as I become embarrassed.

“He’s being expelled then?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“Well, he should be, but then my daughter would have to be too, and her grades can’t afford time off, unlike your son’s,” He insists.

“The reason I brought you here today was to rectify the situation I find myself in,” he says, having baffled me now.

“What situation is that, Sir? Do you want him on community service? For me to keep him away from your daughter? I will agree to anything; trust me, he deserves it.”

“I’m glad you agree. Though my situation is nothing to do with your son or my daughter, it’s to do with you,” his words provoke sudden interest, yet still, I am worried, what did I do?

He sits up within his chair, his gaze not moving from mine; he flattens his palms against his desk before undoing his tie and removing it from around his neck. He slowly stands from his seat and goes to the door and lowers the blinds; his slow-motion movements send me on edge, my body quivers at how the tension within the room has just risen. I feel hot, and my hands are trembling. His turns towards me, embedding his erotic gaze back onto me.

“You see, my daughter and your son have done something on campus, which I haven’t even done,” his strong voice speaks towards me as he puts little distance between us. His hands reach towards me, giving me no option to resist.

“Do you see my predicament?” I smirk at his request, nibbling my lip nervously as I place my hand into his palm.

“I do.”


He guides me from my chair, swipes his desk clear, and pushes me against it. His hands tightly wrap around my waist as he closes in on me. He harshly places his first kiss on my lips, and I feel my body melt against him as he cups my face with his large hands. I groan within his mouth as it’s like being touched for the first time, which, to be truthful, it has been a while. All I can think is good boys don’t kiss like this, but then the coldness strokes against my tongue, and I know soon enough he is no good boy, the piercing within his tongue tells me so. I had no clue, oh my god, how sexy.

His hands move to my hair, scrunching my curls against the crease in my neck. Shivers penetrate my body as his touch becomes more sensual than expected. He is intense and igniting a flame within me I had forgotten about after all these years alone. He takes my hands and raises my arms, raising them above my head. Lifting my dress, he removes it as I allow him to reveal my black thong and lace bra, feeling lucky I had prepared for such an occasion. However, I am still unsure of how to react, unaware of his reaction if I touch him, and to be honest, I like him being in complete control. A fantasy I have longed for so long; to be dominated.

He picks up his baby blue tie and smirks at me, licking his lower lip. My playful gaze tells him to do as he pleases, and my god, I hope he does. I watch him slowly straighten out his tie before tightly wrapping it around my wrists in front of me. He pushes me back slowly and lays me down, his hands gripping mine within his palm above my head as I feel his other hand slide down my body against the crease in my neck, slowly down my breasts and tickling my midriff, before greeting my inner thighs. His touch torments my body, soaking my panties as he excites me. My breathing increases as he takes my breath away with his intensity. As I find my confidence, I go to talk, to tell him what I want, but he disallows me, placing his forefinger against my glossy lips, I relish the brief moment I manage to taste him, bringing me to silence.

“Don’t talk,” he orders me.

I do as he tells me, and I watch every move he makes as he begins to unbutton his shirt exposing his chest and, to my excitement, a tattooed torso. As he bares himself to me, pleasure protrudes me as the sight of black, white, and red artwork covering his arms, chest, and shoulders, fuck me, he is a bad boy in disguise. Now I have seen the hidden glory I want my hands all over him, bringing me to remember the silk embedding into my skin as I move. He lowers his trousers, his Calvin Klein’s drop, and before me, his huge, thick erection teases my every sense. My eyes widen, knowing this is now going to be worth the wait; he is more endowed than I ever anticipated. His hand finally reaches towards me, roughly stroking against my crotch, taking a handful of me before lowering my thong. I exhale at his slight movement and am breathless as he finally thrusts his long fingers into my pussy. He looks pleased as my body arches for him instantaneously, my pleasure building before he widens my legs and fills me with one thrust of his enormous cock. Groans break from me, intruding the silence between us as I can’t stay quiet any longer; he feels deep with my stomach as he fucks me hard on his desk. My cheeks quickly flush, and my chest has a pink shade to it. His eyes haven’t moved from me, and I feel his gaze burning into me as he punishes me for my son’s behaviour. I feel as if I am on a show for him, and he is on the front row, able to see every intimate detail of me.

I listen to him breathe deeply as he builds his climax deep within me; he is impressive and glorious as sweat rises upon his chiselled body. His hands are gripped tightly on my body, one on my back the other on my thigh. I relish every moment he gains pleasure from me, only wishing I could touch him. With every pulse, he stimulates my clitoris, and I feel my sensitivity rising as my moment of euphoria is near. My hands move towards him where I stroke my fingers against his strong abdominals as he allows me, he glances down to my restricted hands and undoes the tie as he continues to fuck me. He takes the tie and places it within my mouth, tying it behind my neck, the material now within my teeth as they bite down on it, keeping me mute. The instance my hands are free, they make to his body, clawing erotically into him, leaving my mark upon his chest and down the perfect curve of his spine. His breathing rises at my touch, and he kisses me, groaning wildly into my mouth, releasing his naughty words.

I feel his cock stiffen further as he dives into me as hard as he can, his hands tugging at me and mine embracing him; his fingerprints embedding into my pale skin as if he is on fire; he is that intimidating. My eyes make to his intense glare, and they widen as he explodes his juices into me, tingling my every nerve spiking my pleasure, bringing me to climax. My body trembles, and warmth surges me, sending me out of control.

He pulls out and lowers himself to me, his tongue suddenly within my cunt lapping up the taste of us both. The metal bar against me feeling like something I have never experienced before, provoking me once again as my pussy is sensitive, it feels incredible, and I scream out for him. My hands yank at every strand of hair within my grasp as he nibbles at my lower lips, kissing and sucking my every crease and throbbing vulva as he sends me wild. I feel overcome with sensations and enjoy watching him enjoy my flavour, and I orgasm again. Fuuuuuccck!

“Oh my god,” I shout out between my gasps, the tie within my mouth now imprinted with teeth marks. He rises and lets go of me, my body tired and satisfied as I don’t alter. He releases the tie from me and guides me up, brushing his fingers through my hair, curling my messy locks. I put my dress back on and stay silent as he hides his beautiful body. He bites his lip and sits back down behind his desk.

“Let’s say three weeks detention and a date every Saturday?” he insists with a dirty grin; I blush and nod as I catch my breath.

“I agree,” I smirk.

He picks up his phone and says through the speaker, “let the boy in” and unlocks the door.

“I’m sorry, Mum,” my son says as he sees me hanging his head in shame; I leave the office and smile towards my embarrassed son.

“Just promise me I get called to the office more often,” I joke to his humiliation as I glance back at Mr. Dean. He stands before me back being the well-behaved headteacher he is required to be. However, I now know a bad boy lies beneath it.

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