Never Have I Ever Been Tempted

Erotic short stories to fulfil those dirty thoughts.

By The Sexy Bar Tender.

 I can no longer feel my fingers; they are tingling from the alcohol, which flows throughout my body. I feel flushed. I thought it was the busy atmosphere, but now it’s just my friend and me as the clock strikes midnight. I know this is not the case. I’ve simply had too much to drink. I now dread the idea of standing from the wooden bar stool I first sat down on five hours ago. As I glance around, glasses fill the empty tables, and I see him across the room with his fingers entwining eight glasses; they cling together as he makes his way back to the bar. His rugged good looks have had me melted to the chair all night. I’ve been too self-conscious to get up; I don’t want him to inspect my mummy body within the only dress I could get to fit me after all these years. It’s too tight for my liking.

“How are you going to overcome it?” she questions me, interrupting my thoughts.

“Overcome what?” I sit up straight and look at her as she glances towards me with a teasing look.

“You like him,” she gestures her nod towards him. His ears pick up as she speaks the truth, and he gazes across at me, leaving me feeling humiliated. The sexual tension is taunting me as my knickers become moist just by looking at him. I wish I dared to break it.

“You’re single, so why are you not seducing him? He has been gawking at you all night, yet you haven’t noticed.” She downs her drink, slamming it back down on to the hardwood table, knowing I have been avoiding the idea.

“It’s not that easy. I may be single, but I haven’t been with anyone since Michael died. I haven’t been naked in front of anyone except my mirror. Plus, I have the kids to think about, I have no time for playing around” I shun her tempting offer back under the table.

“Seriously! It’s been nearly four years. You are allowed to move on; you know he would want you too! Stop feeling so guilty.” She spanks my hand for my ridiculous words; I know she is right. I move my eyes sneakily towards him, biting my straw as I watch him bending over the tables, wiping them down. His ass looks good enough to eat in his tight black jeans.

“Come on, let’s go. I’ll just nip to the loo.” She stands and walks out of sight.

My hand grips my ice-filled tumbler as I feel it lifting from within my grasp. My head lifts from my daze, meeting his gorgeous face. He is now standing beside me, and it’s the closest he has been all night. His eyes are sweetly intense, surrounded by light lines of age, giving him his mature appearance. His hair hangs around his face long yet neatly styled. His smile is enticing yet subtle as we sit in a room filled with no words. I feel his eyes burning into me as my mind removes his clothes. I am curious to know what lies beneath his layers and how he tastes. The silver which hangs around his neck and wraps his fingers add to his grunge look, making him more intensifying. The slightest glimpse of him has filled my pussy with juices, which will no doubt be another missed opportunity. I don’t know what he thinks as he stays silent, then walks away. I sigh at his tormenting signals, which make my body tremble with desire for a good hard fuck. I don’t even know him, but I want him so bad.

As I wait for her return, I stand, immediately feeling my lubricated cunt pulsing within my panties. I sigh, biting my lip as my hands grip the edge of the table, holding me upright. Before I know it, I’ve drawn him in. He has ferociously grasped my face within his broad palms and is tightly pulling me in, his lips touch mine, and he tastes heavenly. I savour his flavour as his naughty tongue intrudes my mouth. I willingly lash mine against his, relaxing my body against his. My hands make to his shoulders, I’m tiptoeing as he stands at least a foot above me. I’m finally granted access to his body and waste no time hesitating. I pull him closer to me, my hand stroking the back of his neck as my heels leave the floor, my legs wrap around his body as he has me up against the wall. He is rough, and I like it. His fingers interlace within my long-curled hair as he nibbles my neck and bites my lip. His hands make their way up my dress; they feel warm against the deep crease within my spine. He has consumed me until I hear her heels banging against the tiled flooring. He pulls away, looking into my eyes, placing me back down onto the floor. The moment is over to my dismay. Back behind the bar, he watches me sort my dress out, saying nothing.

“Ready?” I ask her as she appears. I grin towards her hiding my secret. She nods my way, waving at him as we leave.

“Night,” his masculine voice says, sending sparks throughout my body.

“Night,” I finally make out. My body aches for him, and my loins feel heavy. If only my friend weren’t here, his cock would be deep within me right now.


Back home, I look upon the empty beds were my kids usually sleep, tonight has been the first night they have slept out, and I have allowed myself to let my hair down. Just not as much as I now hoped. I sit on the edge of my bed, fully dressed, feeling my body sway. I can sense every nerve ending as I rub my hands over myself. I lick my lips were I  still taste his liquor flavoured mouth against mine. I imagine him caressing my body all over again. It has been so long I can’t remember what it feels like to be touched intimately; it seems four years of abstinence is something I now regret. Not even my fingers have entered my lower lips, which tonight is going to change. I’m feeling so tormented and need to let my body have the release it so desires.

I stand and lower my straps over my shoulders, lifting my arms out of them, my dress falls to the floor where I step out of it. I’m standing in nothing but my heels and black lace bra and thong. My reflection shows my hidden figure to be slender and smooth yet left with the slight marks of childbirth. My hands stroke through my hair as my head touches the pillow, I lick my fingers and make down to panties, I’m already dripping wet. I exhale at the first touch of my clitoris; it’s sensitive. I reach further, entering one finger, two, then three into my juicy cunt. I’ve forgotten how good this feels. I move my fingers in and out, stroking my swollen g spot, which sends shivers throughout my body. My body is trembling and sucking my fingers in willingly. I’m groaning out loudly with no shame as I twiddle my erect nipple with my free hand. I stop, sit up, and open my top drawer where my vibrator sits before me.

Knock Knock I hear from downstairs. Shit, who is that at this time? I forgot to lock the door. I hope they go away. I lay here frozen to the spot as I listen. I’ve lost my train of thought as my pussy still pounds for that all-important climax.

“Kate!” I hear bellow throughout the hallway. Holy shit, it’s him! His masculine voice echoes within my walls as it also affects my body. I groan at the thought of him. What do I do? I look upon myself self my fingers are dripping with juices, my clothes drape the floor, and my underwear wraps my ankles.

“Hold on!” I shout as I try and sort myself out. I grab my nightgown covering myself. I go to the top of the stairs staring down at him.

“What are you doing here?” my voice trembles curiously, taken back by his looks once again. He stays silent and takes a step towards me, moving up each step slowly.

“You left your bag,” his words tease me as I watch his alluring physique become closer, his hand sliding up the banister teasing me sexually. My body feels so close to reaching climax. I’m sure I could orgasm at any minute. As he reaches me, I find myself stepping back, holding my nightgown closed tightly. His hand lifts reaching to my hair, stroking it gently with a delicious grin. My eyes meet his come to bed eyes, and I suddenly find myself thinking of him in ways I have never thought of before. My grasp loosens, my body revealed, and now on show for him. I feel a rush within me, and before I know it, I take him within my grip, pulling him towards me. My lips voraciously meet his as I guide him towards my bedroom. His hands are tightly wrapped around my waist as we fumble toward the door. Against the wall, he licks my neck taking a bite, and I moan with pleasure.

My nightgown quickly drapes the landing as he throws me playfully on the bed. My breathing is rapid as my hunger for him builds. I see his bulge tight within his jeans and the ache within his expression. He swiftly removes his shirt showing me his hair covered chest, the ringlets small and tidy. He crawls slowly near me, roughly removing my thong; he opens my legs wide as his hands grope my now bare breasts. He squeezes my erect nipples as his kiss meets my pussy. I cry out with pleasure as he tastes my moist cunt; it is all for him. My hands pull his long hair as I’m eager for his throbbing prick. His pecks of lust make up my now confident body until he meets my gaze. He kisses me, allowing me to taste my flavour, he nibbles my shoulder as he undoes his jeans freeing his large erect cock. His fingers caress my throbbing clitoris before he thrust his solidness deep within me, my legs wide, allowing him in all the way. My welcoming pussy clenching at this size of him. I cry out for him as he pounds his every inch into me, my nails digging deep into his flesh as he fills me. I feel my climax rising as his prick glides back and forth against my aroused g spot.

“Oh my god, you’re so tight,” he whispers into my ear. His dirty words arouse me further as his silence finally ends. He thrusts slowly into me as I start to relax, my aching pussy filled with this gorgeous specimen of a man. It’s been four years, and I feel like he is breaking me in all over again.

My hips rise, allowing him in further, his hands gripping onto mine, holding them above my head as he stares upon me with his captivating eyes. I exhale at every move, and sweat starts to rise up over my skin as I experience my climax. My body trembles as if an electric current is flowing all over me.

“Holy shit,” I cry out. He continues fucking me quickly, diving into me hard and deep. He looks as if he isn’t going to stop anytime soon while my moans continue to fill the room. He smirks at me as I enjoy him being in control. He bites my bottom lip and releases my hands, grabbing my hips, flipping me on top of him. Fuck his cock feels like it’s in my stomach; it sends shivers down my spine as I start to ride him. He caresses my breasts as I find a rhythm. His large hands guide my hips with his movements, and we’re soon in perfect sync. His breathing quickly increases as he takes me all in, and I see his orgasm rising within his expression. I fuck him as slowly as I can, prolonging the finale. However, he has other plans; he grabs my buttock and guides me to thrust faster.

“Fuck me!” he orders, his command is hard to disobey.

I lean my hands on his chest. He is now ready for me. I increase my speed letting his solid prick stroke my g spot and feel tremendous pleasure igniting my whole body as I scream out for him again. My groans are loud, filling the room kindling his orgasm. He moans as he joins my sounds; he sounds incredible. I start to slow, feeling happy with my work, and he smirks at me.

“I’ve not finished yet,” he insists. My eyes widen as he flips me back onto the bed and spanks my ass cheek hard. I gasp as his fingerprint rises across my pale skin. He puts me on my knees and enters me intensely from behind. I lean on my elbows, allowing his length to fill me. My hair flows around my sweaty face, and my breasts move with every hard thrust. His hands are on my ass and upon the indent of my spine. He’s fucking me fast and hard, and my cunt is so wet for him, that wet I squirt during my next orgasm. My hands grip tightly onto the bedsheets as he pounds into me faster and harder until he reaches his moment of euphoria. I feel his juices fill me as he finally reaches orgasm. He slows as he strokes my body before releasing me.

I collapse onto the bed, laying on my chest, my breathing out of control. He lays beside me on his back, looking into my satisfied expression.

“I’m Tyler, by the way,” he grins.

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